Jr. High Cross Country

Coaches:  Susie Graber
Girl’s “A” Team Record: 91-4
Girl’s “B” Team Record: 13-1
Boy’s “A” Record: 46-49
Boy’s “B” Record: 4-11

2016 Roster

Boys Roster
Girls Roster
Alex McDaniel
Noah Anderson
Jake Graber
Joey Marek
Karsen Boyd
Dalton Knepp
Grant Madison
Gabe Ruble
Colton Stoll
Nathanyel Byler
Bryce Cornelius
Harrison Fuhs
Pierce Madison
Dominic Wilson
Matthew Marek

Andrea Graber
Tracy Stoll
Katie Wagler
Anna Wittmer
Alexis Bauer
Peyton Graber
Jennica Helms
Makenna Pruett
Vanessa Pierce
Lillie Yoder
Sarah Graber
Madelyn Harrison
Elle Knepp
Alyssa Lasher
Hannah Bledsoe
Emily Wagler

2016 Jr. High Schedule




Aug. 27
North Posey Inv. 10:00
For the girls "A" race, Andrea Graber placed 2nd, Makenna Pruett 3rd, Katie Wagler 9th, Alexis Bauer 14th, Elle Knepp 17th, Emily Wagler 18th, Jennica Helms 19th.  In the "B" race, Tracy Stoll placed 1st, Hannah Bledsoe 3rd, Sara Graber 4th, Vanessa Pierce 21st, Lillie Yoder 23rd, Alyssa Lasher 27th, Peyton Graber 29th, Madelynn Harrison 61st.  In the boys "A" race, Colton Stoll placed 12th, Bryce Cornelius 19th, Jake Graber 29th, Karsen Boyd 42nd, Dalton Knepp 56th, Alex McDaniel 59th, Noah Anderson 62nd.  In the "B" race, Dominic Wilson placed 47th, Mathew Marek 73rd, Harrison Fuhs 78th, Grant Madison 79th, Pierce Madison 86th, Nathayel Byler 113th, Joey Marek 129th, and Gabe Ruble 138th.
Aug. 30
NE Dubois Inv. 5:30 For the girls, Andrea Graber placed 3rd, Makenna Pruett 6th, Elle Knepp 24th, Katie Wagler 27th, Alexis Bauer 29th, Emily Wagler 35th, Tracy Stoll 38th, Sara Graber 55th, Hannah Bledsoe 57th, Jennica Helms 78yh, Vanessa Pierce 92nd, Alyssa Lasher 95th, Lillie Yoder 96th, Peyton Graber 100th, Madelynn Harrison 154th.  For the boys, Colton Stoll placed 18th, Bryce Cornelius 34th, Jake Graber 41st, Karsen Boyd 73rd, Noah Anderson 111th, Dalton Knepp 128th, Dominic Wilson 134th, Alex McDaniel 150th, Mathew Marek 151st, Grant Madison 163rd, Harrison Fuhs 176, Pierce Madison 185th, Nathayel Byler 191st, Joey Marek 198th, Gabe Ruble 204th.
Sept. 3
Gibson So. Inv. 10:00  In the girls "A" race the team won the meet.  Andrea Graber placed 1st, Makenna Pruett 4th, Katie Wagler 12th, Alexis Bauer 13th, Elle Knepp 30th, Tracy Stoll 38th.  For the "B" race the girls placed 2nd.  Jennica Helms placed 2nd, Hannah Bledsoe 4th, Alyssa Lasher 8th, Lillie Yoder 9th, Sarah Graber 13th, Vanessa Pierce 17th, Peyton Graber 21st, Madelynn Harrison 73rd. In the boys "A" race the team placed 14th.  Colton Stoll placed 27th, Jake Graber 41st, Bryce Cornelius 49th, Karsen Boyd 67th, Dalton Knepp 99th, Noah Anderson 100th, Dominic Wilson 106th.  For the "B" race the boys placed 12th.  Alex McDaniel placed 79th, Pierce Madison 99th, Harrison Fuhs 102nd, Grant Madison 114th, Nathayel Byler 156th, Joey Marek 166th, Mathew Marek 167th.
Sept. 17 South Knox Inv. 9:00
The girls "A" team finished 2nd.  Andrea Graber placed 2nd, Makenna Pruett 3rd, Katie Wagler 5th, Elle Knepp 23rd, Emily Wagler 28th, Alexis Bauer 31st, Jennica Helms 51st.  In the "B" race finishes were, Tracy Stoll, Hannah Bledsoe, Sara Graber, Alyssa Lasher, Lillie Yoder, Vanessa Pierce, Madelynna Harrison.  The boys "A" team finished 11th.  Colton Stoll placed 28th, Byrce Cornelius 56th, Jake Graber 58th, Karsen Boyd 68th, Noah Anderson 106th, Dalton Knepp 107th, Alex McDaniels 111th.  In the "B" race finishes were, Harrison Fuhs, Pierce Madison, Nathaynel Byler, Grant Madison, Mathew Marek, Joey Marek, Gabe Ruble.
Sept. 22 BR Inv. 6:00
The girls "A" team won the meet.  Andrea Graber placed 1st, Makenna Pruett 2nd, Katie Wagler 3rd, Emily Wagler 7th, Tracy Stoll 16th, Jennica Helms 18th, Elle Knepp 19th.  In the "B" race, Vanessa Pierce placed 29th, Hannah Bledsoe 30th, Alyssa Lasher 33rd, Lillie Yoder 44th, Peyton Graber 53rd, Sarah Graber 54th, Madelynna Harrison 71st.  In the boys "A" race the team finished 6th.  Colton Stoll placed 16th, Jake Graber 23rd, Karsen Boyd 27th, Bryce Cornelius 28th, Noah Anderson 38th, Dalton Knepp 39th, Alex McDaniel 46th.  In the "B" race, Harrison Fuhs placed 25th, Dominic Wilson 34th, Grant Madison 36th, Pierce Madsion 52nd, Mathew Marek  65th, Joey Marek 66th, Nathaynel Byler 78th, Gabe Ruble 93rd.
Sept. 29
Forest Park Inv. 6:00
The girls won the meet.  Makenna Pruett won the race.  Andrea Graber placed 2nd, Katie Wagler 11th, Emily Wagler 14th, Elle Knepp 25th, Jennica Helms 26th, Tracy Stoll 28th.  In the B race, Sarah Graber placed 2nd, Vanessa Pierce 6th, Hannah Bledsoe 10th, Alyssa Lasher 14th, Lille Yoder 18th, Peyton Graber 22nd, Madelynn Harrison 41st.  The boys placed 6th.  Colton Stoll finished 23rd, Jake Graber 24th, Karsen Boyd 29th, Byrce Cornelius 30th, Noah Anderson 45th, Dalton Knepp 46th, Alex McDaniels 56th.  In the B race Dominic Wilson placed 27th, Harrison Fuhs 43rd, Pierce Madison 44th, Grant Madison 55th, Mathew Marek 56th, Nathanyel Byler 57th, Joey Marek 74th, Gabe Ruble 79th.
Oct. 6
Blue Chip Meet 5:00
The girls placed 2nd.  Andrea Graber finished 2nd, Makenna Pruett 3rd, Katie Wagler 9th, Elle Knepp 15th, Emily Wagler 16th, Jennica Helms 22nd, Alexis Bauer 23rd.  The "B" race Tracy Stoll placed 13th, Hannah Bledsoe 24th, Sarah Graber 29th, Vanessa Pierce 36th, Alyssa Lasher 43rd, LIllie Yoder 49th, Peyton Graber 53rd, Madelynn Harrison 80th.  The boys placed 4th.  Colton Stoll finished 6th, Karsen Boyd 11th, Jake Graber 14th, Bryce Cornelius 18th, Dalton Knepp 31st, Noah Anderson 34th, Alex McDaniel 42nd.  In the "B" race Harrison Fuhs finished 16th, Dominic Wilson 21st, Pierce Madison 33rd, Grant Madison 38th, Mathew Marek 44th, Nathanyel Byler 63rd, Joey Marek 71st, Gabe Ruble 93rd.


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